Car Seats: My fave



Car seats are one thing that I did not become well educated about until my little one was almost 8 months old. Perhaps this is one reason I feel drawn to share car seat safety info: because I wish someone shared it with me prior to when that awesome person entered my life!


This post is mostly set up to share my two favorite seats. However, within this information you will see why they are my favorite and perhaps learn something you didn't know before about car seat safety :)




Diono Radian RXT



This seat has a longer life (10yrs) than most, and I believe it's because of how awesomely it is crafted: a frame that is alloy steel (instead of plastic-one reason seats have expiration dates--because they deteriorate from temperature changes and overall wear and tear), and reinforced with aluminum sides.


It REAR FACES 5-45 lbs

which means it can accommodate most babes after birth and it can maintain the Safest Riding Position (RF) until they are well into their toddler years! How sweet is that!!?!!


It Forward Faces up to 80lbs and 57"


and it Boosters to 120lbs...


can we say All-in-One ;)


It's super skinny

This allows up to three car seats to be right next to each other! And, in my situation, makes the car seat plain old Fit in my sports car. (The next seat I'll talk about does Not fit in my sports car).


It has it's own recline for when it rear dealing with towels or pool noodles or other things to get the recline correct. This recline does go pretty far back however, which may be a challenge in some small cars. I say this, because in my sports car I could not put on behind my driver side because I would be too close to the dash/wheel. So, I want to give a heads up to anyone with really tiny cars out there where the seat cannot be in the middle space (which is also the safest spot).


Trivial, but it does come with a cup holder that is removable.


based on the site the Radian has a medium toxicity level. (However, this has not been tested since changing from Sunshine kids to Diono, And different fabrics have different ratings)--just something else to put out there


Check it out here:



Another fave has been the

Graco MyRide 65



This seat is fabulous because it


Rear Faces up to 40 lbs and

Forward faces up to 65lbs.


It is also super comfy looking and supportive. Prior to owning this seat, our main seat was a smaller Graco and this one is So Much Better to me simply by looking at the way my little one is supported in it. It feels much safer. It also is heavier/sturdier than the small one we used prior.

This seat is also great for those on a tight budget, because you can get a really quality/safe seat for a lesser amount than something like the Radian. With that being said, a Car Seat is ONE of the things I WOULD spend the extra money on when picking out 'baby stuff.'

The con to this seat is that it is wider. Which is Not a big deal in most vehicles. It has two built in cup holders, which my dd likes to put her toys in (reminder, anything can be a projectile object in the case of an accident so be picky with car toys if you can and pay attn to how much stuff you have laying around in your car).

It had a Low-Med rating on, depending on which style it was.


Check out MyRide 65:


 All in all, I LOVE THESE SEATS!


Supplement Brands



"Which supplements do you use; which brands and why?"

This is a question I am asked very frequently! So here it is....

the focus here will be BRANDS.

Every supplement is Not created or considered equal. It can be arduous to sort through all of the different brands and determine which works for your individual body. Though I cannot remove the obstacle of individuality, I can share my experience as well as shed some light on what you may look for to make your decisions. (As well as list my Favorite brands)!

Being sensitive to energy, my first tip is to really feel the supplement's energy to determine if you feel it is high quality. This is my first step when I encounter something I may begin to take.

Next is taking it and seeing what happens. Do you notice a difference? Do you pee it right out? Does it make you vibrate higher or make you feel anxios or fatigued? Here there are a few different things in action...

You may have to take some time to notice a difference. If you are very depleted of something you may notice a difference quickly however if you are slightly deficient you may not notice as quickly and for some this is reversed. (It helps to be in tune with yourself).  When taking certain things (such as some herbs) you will have darker pee regardless. However, for me personally, I have the best luck with things, including herbs, that I do not pee out and that I know my body is absorbing. If you are not in tune with yourself you may not recognize if you vibrate higher or lower. and lastly, it's possible that the supplement creates a profound (and even unpleasant) reaction because of how powerful it is. (an example is if you feel very anxious at first because you are taking something that affects your endocrine system and things are off balance and trying to balance out. In this situation it is my hope that you are taking something suggested by a health care professional versus your own guess. If you are taking something by your own experimentation and have this type of reaction I suggest contacting a health care professional to have further insight).

Also look for filler ingredients. (ex: magnesium stearate, steric acid, gelatin).

I do tend to recommend someone looks for Whole Food supplements when possible. Because the supplement is coming straight from food sources which helps supply proper balance of the nutrients (another component that causes darker urine-having too much of one nutrient and not enough of another). Again, for me personally, I do not have very good luck with whole food supplements. But I still stand behind them.

On to my favorite brands....

Pure Encapsulations:
Love love them! They are the best option for those that are highly sensitive or have food sensitivities. They also are very concerned about quality and bio-availability.
They have been my choice for children vitamins, multivitamins, C with bioflavinoids, and Calcium and Magnesium. (They do have a pure food multivitamin). Since checking them out last, I do not recommend them for Prenatals because they have folic acid instead of folate.
Check 'em out:

New Chapter
I used to love this brand. They use whole foods and herbs. They have a great prenatal that has folate instead of folic acid. However, they did sell to Procter and Gamble which makes it hard to push them. Make your own decision.

My probiotic of choice. I have loved felt very good about this probiotic and an acquaintance's mother has put her crohns disease at bay by utilizing this probiotic. I take it semi regularly, but in the beginning I took it as directed and continued to take 2 a day for a couple of months. I have dropped down to about 1 or 2 once a week. The woman with crohns did a similar system and takes hers about once a month and still keeps her condition under control with that small amount. I feel they are very potent.
They do offer a children's version which I will try soon. I have not up to this point because it's the b.infantis strain that is abundant in infant guts and their child version does not contain that.

My other probiotic of choice, which is actually a Yeast. Good yeast. Just like good bacteria fight off the bad, good yeast fight off the bad yeast. This is an Amazing probiotic that rocks my world every time! It is usually only needed for a month or so period, however if a person has cronic yeast issues they may want to incorporate it more regualarly. Good good stuff!!

Garden of Life
This company is all about raw foods! They have a fantastic children probiotic and prenatal!
Here they are:

This has been my choice for D and cod liver oil. They distribute vitamin D drops with one specifically for infants and children. I chose them for cod liver oil because they had good ratios for vitamin D to vitamin A. To learn more about this search Dr Mercola's website. I have switched to the Green Pastures cod liver oil/butter blend for I like that it is fermented and is not altered which does create some variability with the nutrients, however I like how natural and from source it is. It has also been shown by Weston A. Price that the cod liver oil works best when used in conjunction with a raw butter source-so Boom, there it is.

Green Pastures
As mentioned under Carlson, this is a brand that I have begun using and I love it! We use the cod liver oil/butter blend and I gotta say, it does not taste good but I can feel and see the difference when we are taking and when we are not. Good stuff!

Nordic Naturals
This brand I have really enjoyed their D. I took the D3. (the one that was only D3). I noticed a difference right away and could always tell when I was needing more. I am currently trying Dr. Mercola's spray so we shall see if I come back to this one. Either way, I highly recommend it to anyone!
Also, I used to use their children chews until I noticed that they possessed a synthetic folic acid instead of folate.

Standard Process

I have Really liked this brand in the past and still stand by it. They use whole foods and are usually very high vibrating. I have not used them in quite some time, but when I was using certain supplements from them I did have remarkable results. (particularly with adrenal fatigue).

One other brand that I would like to give mention to that I have not used in quite some time is:

Metagenics: This brand I always always stood behind, and still feel really good about their fish oils. One thing that has deterred me slightly is that they use magnesium stearate, so I am not entirely whole-heartedly behind them at the current time.