Since my childhood, I have been an artistic and spiritual person. The way this has developed as an adult is into abstract works of art through different mediums. A favorite medium of mine is oil pastels. I use this medium to create pieces that help myself heal emotional issues as well as to gain insight. It is similar to looking for signs in my external environment or using a divination tool like a tarot card.

I encourage all mommas to be to create their own art; to assist clearing fears or blocks in their being and to create an even stronger connection with their unborn child(ren). In addition to clearing, art can be used to amplify joy and express all of those wonderful feelings that abound during pregnancy.

Some women feel disconnected with their creativity. Some feel they do not have time to create art. And others are simply intrigued by what images and messages will come from having another person create some art surrounding their pregnancy.


So, what do I do?
I get into a meditative state, focus on the person I will be creating for and then Create. After the images are complete, I send an image to the woman along with the way I "read" the image.

A sample of an image:

The messages can include direct messages from 'baby' or other messages to assist balance in the woman's life and being. If mother has a specific question, she can ask it before the creation date and then have the image read to answer her question. (I add the topic or question of focus to my intention). Otherwise, the messages are not directed. In addition to 'my reading,' I encourage mom to look at the image and see her own messages. If mom really wants me to outline how I see what I see, we can schedule a phone consultation or skype/facetime consultation so I can 'draw out' how I see what I see.


The images are created on newsprint, and if the woman wants the 'hard copy' I will send it to her. Some like to save it in a baby book or box, or frame and hang it.