Hot Lemonade (+Limeade) ACV deliciousness
as a warm drink and Ice Pops!


1 mug of water

1 lemon

1 lime (optional)

1 t organic acv

1 T (or heaping teaspoon) raw honey

Heat everything together in a saucepan until the honey melts. Once the honey is melted you can pour the mix into ice pop molds, then allow to heat more to an almost boil for the drink portion.

I often use 2 mugs of water and double everything so that I can make 3+ ice pops and still have a mug of drink to share with my little one.

The lemons and limes are a great source of vitamin C and aid in hydration.
The limes and ACV is antiviral.
The honey, antibacterial.

If you do a quick google search for the benefits of limes, you may decide they are a must add to this lovely concoction :)

Happy drinking and enjoying the cool treats that you can literally feel good about!