Conquer Thrush

For those who are NOT symptamatic:

use a spray bottle of vinegar solution at least twice a day on body parts/areas that get/stay moist (armpits, pubic areas, under breasts, under folds of skin)
(1/4c white vinegar to 1c water)

For those who ARE symptamatic: use vinegar solution 4times a day



-do NOT share bath towels and only use them once

-every family member gets a new toothbrush once anti-regimen is started

-do NOT use cornstarch powders or deodards because they feed yeast

-clean sources of mold---windowsills, damp laundry hampers, bathtubs, dark moist places

-wash laundry at the hottest setting possible and add a cup of white distilled vinegar to the rinse. and BOIL clothes that are close to the yeasty areas

-Boil toys or any items babe chews on

-Take probiotics; it can help to find one that has fructo-oligo-sachharides (FOS) because that feeds the good bacteria. (Garden of Life has a wonderful powder probiotic that has banana in it providing this. And their child formula is rich in B.Infantis which is prolific in babes guts)  Also Florastor is sacchromyces boulardi which is good yeast---good yeast conquers bad yeast

-apply 1/4c white distilled vinegar in 1c water topically to the breast. If it is too strong you can weaken it to 1T to a cup of water. Allow to air dry and do not wash it off before nursing unless baby protests. Do this at least 4x a day and cont for 2weeks after all symptoms are gone.

-apply olive oil to the breasts After feeding. It has linoleic acids which are antifungal and may cut off the oxygen supply to the yeast

-Take vitamin C and Echinacea and zinc for immune boosting.

-Add White distilled vinegar to baths.

There are many others, but these are some basics...If you want new/other ideas feel free to contact me.